Sunday, October 26, 2014

Coffeeneuring #7 and "Nice rack, officer MILF!"

Started out mid-morning from base where football tailgater partying had already begun. I wanted to get Coffeeneuring #7 in and putz about the city on what was due to be a gorgeous day weather-wise.

On my way over, a fellow cyclist commented: "Nice Rack!" I knew he was ogling my Surly Nice Rack, naturally.

Before that, I stopped at REI, but as I was hoisting my leg over the top bar and putting on my sunglasses, turning on the gadgets and getting ready to shove off, a man came rushing over to me saying in a very excited tone: "I'm sorry, I just went in for a second!" I looked at him very confused, because, well... this was very odd behavior.

It turns out, he thought I was a police officer giving him a ticket for being parked illegally.
This isn't the first time I've been mistaken for an officer of the law. I think it's the hi-viz pink... I was wearing it both times. Funny. And weird too.

Do I look official? Stern? No-nonsense? Like I'm wielding a tazer?
"Move your car, Sir!"

Stopped at Delanie's afterwards.

The 'pbeaves': small, but potent.
I decided on Delanie's because for some reason, they started following me on Twitter when the Coffeeneuring Tweets started up for the Challenge and last night, this drink recommendation popped up in my Facebook feed.

He wasn't kidding when he said 'It makes you go fast'. I was cranking out 21 MPH back down East Carson when I can normally only get up to 16 mph on rare occasions: a delicious drink and it makes you go fast.

As I turned at the Hot Metal Bridge to head out to the Waterfront, I heard a fellow cyclist say to his partner as he pointed at Fizz: "Now that's a vehicle, take a look at that!"
I think he wanted to catch up to Fizz and check her out more closely, but I'd just had a pbeaves I was hauling down the trail at a nice clip. Sorry.

The ginkgo trees are a nice vibrant yellow right now.
Close call of the unusual kind.
Normally, my close calls involve motorist error. This one was my fault and I nearly crashed into the bumper ahead of me. Trying to signal a left turn and suddenly hit the brake(s) are difficult!

Food, I needed food! I was looking for Lucy's Banh Mi cart and instead, I found the Taco Truck set up in the Strip and had to try a taco of theirs, finally. I got the Thai peanut chicken. Very, very good.

Man down! I lost my coffee mug from the back basket while I was going over a bump on Grant Street. This is my favorite mug and is rarely out of my reach. This mug is so wonderful. I'm glad it wasn't crushed by a bus or anything. Steelers fans graciously returned my Precious to me.

Headed back to the North Side just before the football game started and this was a bad timing: the RiverWalk was jammed with drunken fans, the streets were a maze of blocked off streets and people trying to park.

The Black -n- Gold obstacle course!

I putzed about along the trail and Casino killing time before dinner with Hubby over in Oakland. As I passed a group of young fans walking to the game, one called out playfully and asked if he could get a ride. "Sure, hop on!" I replied as I was too far ahead for him to catch up. I heard him say "Wait up, MILF!" as I pedalled away.
Ick. I feel dirty, but in a backhanded-compliment sort of way.

42 miles on a lovely day.

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