Sunday, September 11, 2016

Blood on PennDot's hands

Another death of a cyclist, another memorial ride. This ride presented itself as more of a protest ride. The cycling community voiced itself early in the planning stages of the 4-year rehab project on the stretch of road Dennis Flanagan died on: West Carson St. We begged for traffic calming, bike lanes, shared-use sidewalks, something to reduce deaths. What we got was a 'Share the Road' sign, wide lanes that encourage speeding and a beg button to cross that takes nearly TWO FULL MINUTES (1:49) to activate a walk signal. Gee, thanks PennDot. After the construction was finished and West-Carson reopened and just a few days later, there's already a fatality.

Over 200 people showed up to ride, remember and protest.

Haley Nelson/Post-Gazette

Colin Deppen/Patriot-News
I'm not overly optimistic that the bureaucrats at PennDot will suddenly start listening.

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