Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pittsburgh drivers: 2009- 2017

Back in  2009 Pittsburgh still touted a reputation for having courteous, well-mannered drivers.


Today, that's different:


Holy crap, yes. I started noticing this even before I became a regular cyclist. We've become a city of distracted, angry motorists.

Even the so-called 'professional' drivers have adopted that all-too-common attitude: "MUST GET IN FRONT." at all costs.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Fish Fry Ride!

Marko's been hosting this ride for several years. It's a slow, social ride... centered around drink, food and friends. We meet at OTB bar on the South Side (maybe have a beer and socialize...) and then ride via the trail to Holy Angels for fried fish.
We had 9 total riders, good weather brought more folks out.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

More multi-modal transit

I've taken my bike on the T (our local Trolley system) a few times, but today I needed to use the bus to get home.
I've used the demonstration bus bike racks the Port Authority offers, I've watched videos of people using the bus bike racks, but I was still worried...
  • "What if I take too long getting my bike on and off the rack?" 
  • "Will someone steal my bike off the rack?"
  • "Will my fenders interfere with the wheel hook?" 
  • "What if my bike FALLS OFF THE BUS!??!"
All that worry for nothing, it was easy for the most part.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Adapting to change

Things are vastly different for both of us now that we live in Baldwin and have a dog. Marko kindly obliges me by offering to drive to the bottom of our horrendous hill in the evening and pick me up after work. I can't handle the hill that he was accustomed to climbing on an almost daily basis. I have neither the stamina nor the cajones to deal with the angry dangerous drivers.

Marko's adapted two trailers for Gus so he can cart him around town. He learned the hard way that taking turns at speed with a trailer that's been narrowed and carrying a dog that's shifting the center of gravity around is a really bad idea...
He's fine. I'm still amazed Marko stayed upright.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The new commute

I live out in the hinterlands with Marko now. My commute has doubled in mileage and altitude. I picked a really good day for my first attempt: Friday the 13th.  (cue the scary dramatic music)

Not only is this ride longer, hillier and chock full of narrow winding roads with plenty of opportunities for close passes, but there's a bonus: hauling the bike over active rail lines! Woo hoo!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Meet our new cycling partner!

Oh, Hi.I'm not dead or anything, just busy and not doing much cycling.

I moved out of my Polish Hill apartment and in with Marko waaaaay out in Baldwin. I've not done much riding because I've been using the car to shuttle loads of boxes from the apartment to the house.

Hi, I'm the new guy.

We also adopted a dog. His name's Gus and he's a Bugg (part Boston, part Pug). He came from a shelter in Texas. We made it a priority to get Gus outfitted in his very own trailer. Here's his maiden voyage:

We stopped at Thick to oggle the bikes

He did a fairly good job of not being a jerk in the trailer and sat quietly, enjoying his scenery from the backseat. He was surprisingly pooped when we got him back home.