Friday, June 19, 2015

MS 150 on a HelBike and an intimate flock

2015 was the 30th anniversary of our bike tour fundraiser: Escape to the Lake
One rider named Greg arranged to take a Bike Share HealthyRide bike along. So much awesome! He swapped out the saddle for his own Brooks too.

 A killdeer had made a nest in the middle of the parking lot.  Kind people put up caution tape around her.

There's a Toynbee tile there and I can't wait to see it!
A few weeks ago, I noticed a piece of tar paper in front of the 16th street bike box, I'm convinced this is the protective covering of a new Toynbee-style tile.

Before Flock, I was hungry. Conflict Kitchen had a 'Juneteenth' menu (two days only!) with many enticing southern foods. I got the red beans and rice, mac and cheese and corn bread. Naturally, it was way more than I could eat and I shared with Marko and Geoffery who were taking shelter from the drizzle under the Big Schenely Tent with me.

A small Flock today: just 8 of us.

The mural is coming along.

I think we inadvertently invaded someone's meditation circle of inner peace at the Point. 
Sorry, lady.

OMG, I got a QOM!??!
I also achieved a PR on the Junction Hollow climb up through Schenley Park which I ride on a semi-regular basis. I find it interesting that my best times are those when I'm riding with people: either a group or, in this case: Marko. My legs seem to get lazy when they're not trying to keep up with others and are inspired to keep pace (or not slow down the pace as much) when I'm with those who have less (or no) trouble on hills.

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