Monday, June 1, 2015

SlowRoll: complete (now with more canines)

This is Misty, she accompanied our Slow Roll ride this evening. She's a pro at sitting in the back basket.
It was chilly and set to rain. Having bugged out on two previous Slow Roll rides due to rain, I brought my cape. Naturally, it didn't rain.

Had a chance to see a fresh load of HelBikes being brought to the Market Square Bike Share station.

Then, we rolled off to Bloomfield.
I think we lost some noobs on the Liberty hill, as we approached, they mentioned walking their bikes up the 'big one' rather than riding, but then I saw a more experienced rider grab her by the waistband of her jeans and drag/help her up the hill, literally. Wow.
The grade on Liberty is 7 to 9% in spots, not that bad, but it's a loooooong hill: about a mile.
It's amazing how quickly my legs become unaccustomed to hills if I take a break from them. While I was sick, I avoided hills for a good week or two because it caused me to cough and my chest hurt enough already without heavy breathing. 
My legs weren't very happy with me after climbing Liberty. My lungs could handle it, but my legs: not so much.

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