Thursday, August 13, 2015

Over-doing it with the groceries, not.

I was running low on food, I'm feeling out my grocery options: I have Whole Foods, Market District and Aldi in Shadyside/East Liberty, but I also have an Aldi and a Giant Eagle on the South Side. Yesterday I'd stopped at Marty's Market in the Strip after work and found afordable options limited.

I'd try and grab a few things at Aldi on the south side after work today rather than brave Shadyside where I'm not as familiar with the streets.

On the way there, I noticed a young man who was in dire need of medical attention: he was lying on the trail and his phone was on the ground next to him. I saw cyclists and joggers pass right past him, not even glancing at him. I and another cyclist stopped to get him off the trail and wait with him while an ambulance arrived, I spent a while on the phone with the 911 dispatcher and it seems he had been reportedly walking in the traffic along Second avenue earlier, and I feared he'd try and walk out into traffic again.

 While we waited, he became aware of us and slightly more lucid. Then he tried to walk out on to Second ave! The cyclist in green tried to stop him, but he became combative and deftly avoided his attempt to keep him from danger. I walked out onto Second ave and alerted oncoming cars that he was coming, he ran out, but thankfully he stayed on the sidewalk.

The police arrived shortly after that, driving on the trail and I let the officer know the direction he'd gone.

Eventually, I made it to Aldi, locked up and over-shopped. Cheese! Almond milk! Yogurt! Butter! So many things that might not fare so well in a black pannier on an 80 degree day. Produce too! Blueberries, cukes and zukes, tomatoes, lemons, carrots, you name it, it looked good and it went into the cart. It was disappointing not to find popping corn though. I like popcorn and I'm running low.

I manged to fit it all on the back of the bike and Fizz's heavy ass end made for a wobbly mount.

I trudged up through Oakland over to Polish Hill and made it back before my butter melted. Mission Accomplished. No problem.

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  1. I see so many times people on the side that need a bit of help and piles of people will just drive by. I always stop and ask if they need assistance, sometimes just lending them my cell phone, so they can call for help is all they need. I did have one event where the bike rider in front of me just fell over and I had to call 911. Cause was dehydration. Glad there are a few other nice people in the world.


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