Friday, August 28, 2015

Underwear and Overwear


I mentioned that Fizz's gearing was being grumpy this past week. I took her into Thick to have what I'd hoped to be a simple derailleur adjustment (my adjustments weren't having much effect) and Ethan came back with bad news: after just 2500 miles, I've chewed up the drive-train and bottom bracket so much that it needs replaced and she'll be in the shop for 2 and a half weeks. He gave her back to me with band-aid adjustments to use while I got Ruby road-ready. Marko diagnosed the cause of the early demise of my drive-train as cross-chaining. I really should pay closer attention to those gears. I'm using the gears as if they're there to be used!
Why do I have all these gear combinations if I shouldn't use a third of them? Bah!
If I knew it would cut the life of my drive-train in HALF, I would have been diligent in proper gear-shifting.

The Underwear Ride

I decided to try the Underwear Ride.

It was interesting: pasties, transparent underwear, jock straps... it all looked so uncomfortable to ride a bike in.... and yet... I enjoyed the eye-candy. I was told by a young lady that I shouldn't be wearing so many clothes. I wore my regular cycling clothes and just put a black negligee over everything. It counts! I'm shocked I took part in this ride. I'm told there were 300+ riders

Look of surprise! "Am I really going on an Undies Ride?"

I had 'jock strap guy' riding in front of me for some time. Rather distracting and amusing.

Afterwards, Yale, Marko and I left together and were scolded by the police for making a left turn at a light where the signal is weight triggered. Even with 500 pounds of cyclists and bikes, we can't trigger the light, so we treat it like a stop sign and proceed carefully. Policeman was just being a jag n'at.

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