Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hooray for disc brakes and ibuprofen!

This morning, I fell off the bike while avoiding a collision with a pedestrian crossing on red. She was stopped in the middle of the street, waiting for a cyclist coming in the opposite direction to pass and then suddenly she stepped in front of me.

Near collision. 
I fell on my hip. 
I yelled at her. 
None of it was pretty.

The rear-facing video:

(no front-facing video, the memory card filled up a block or two prior to the incident)

It felt like any other fall, just a tumble and land on my soft parts... but when I got to the office, the pain set in, like I'd been kicked in the ass and my entire rump was a giant bruise. Everything tightened up and I searched for the ibuprofen.

Ugh. I'm just grateful it wasn't worse.


  1. Well done taking the fall and missing the ped. I thoroughly enjoyed your "why would you do that?" and totally get it. her sort of petulant "sorry" pissed me off though.

    1. Thanks, it was one of those "I ALREADY SAID I was sorry!" sort of apologies. She didn't ask if I was alright and she *just_kept_walking*.
      Some people aren't the slightest bit 'human'.
      Interesting that the other cyclist asked twice if I was OK.


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