Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring? Flock and Viking head-rubs

Spring is desperately trying to arrive and we've had a few nice, warm-ish sunny days, but the season's first group rides were met with chillness and rain. Nevertheless, we had good turnout and much fun, good food and frivolity.

March's flock ride took us to Lawrenceville where we had pizza, nice greasy pizza. Yum.

The next day was the Viking Biking Ride (6th Annual!) in order to celebrate the first day of Spring, we dressed as Vikings, rode bikes in the rain and collected stuff for the local food bank. My camera's location on the helmet precluded me from using my smaller fuzzy Viking horns from year's past so Marko let me use his extra pair of hand-sewn horns
Photo by YaleC

After the ride, we all worked to gather food, firewood and libations. Much fun, we drank, ate and warmed ourselves by the fire. Drunk people rubbed my bald head for luck and giggles.

Viking Ride 2016
Campfire photo by JoyceW

 The Green Dress Run snaked by our campfire location and we waved to the runners.

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