Monday, February 17, 2014

Begone, snow!

I'd debated with myself a great deal today about riding. I'm sick to death of snow... I want to see this stuff melt away and soon.
The roads were crap. I hadn't been out in several days and was in dire need of some biketime, so I put on my big girl britches and went out despite my misgivings about the roads.

Roads still have ice and slush on the sides, narrowing travel lanes.

The trails are crap too. I turned around at the EFT and decided to stay Downtown and in the Strip District.

The Eliza Furnace trail. Icy and dangerous.

The Fort Pitt Bridge Switchback and pedestrian footbridge looked great though.

I enjoyed pedaling about my limited range.
I had an abnormal number of close passes... Maybe the narrowed lanes made for a few close calls with drivers? Maybe it was the holiday? I cannot account for so many violations of my space today.

A compilation of today's squeezins from the handlebar camera:

I think I'm guilty of not taking the lane with enough authority in those instances. I tend to scoot over to the right and drivers think "I can squeeze in there!"

Sometimes I fall for no apparent reason other than I'm clumsy:

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