Friday, October 16, 2015

(biking to) A Night at the Museum

Marko and I set out to the Carnegie museum to take advantage of the Free Nights in October, but before we made it there, we had TWO encounters with angry, horn-happy motorists who felt we had no rights to the road. The first motorist on the Blvd of the Allies tried to deliberately run me down.

He felt we should have been on the sidewalk and running me over was a good punishment for being in his way

She felt we should have been in the right-hand cycletrack even though we were making a left turn and honked incessantly.

Why, people... WHY? Where is all this hatred of cyclists coming from?

Determined to enjoy ourselves in spite of angry, miserable people we found parking and toured the art, architecture and natural history portions.

I was taken with this Pinkerton Riots painting

I also found a Gustav Klimt there! (I'm a big Klimt fan)

"Get on the sidewalk!" *RAWR!!* "Get in the bike lane!"

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  1. I think they are just jealous that we are getting fresh air and they aren't. I've come across some serious hate towards people on bikes. Here in Ottawa, our taxis hate us.. They part on the bike paths, idle, waiting for a pick up, pull into the lanes to drop people off and I think fail to signal when turning in hopes to hit us.

    It's gotten so bad a times, I know of a rider who has a mini-bat mounted to his handlebars, where I've seen him get cut off and he in turn takes a swing and dents the hoods of the taxi's to give them a souvenir of when they attempted to knock him off his bike.


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