Sunday, October 4, 2015

Coffeeneuring 2015 begins in a 'grande' way in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is getting serious about Coffeeneuring this year.

Vannevar's created posters to solicit the cycling community at local coffee shops. Here's a shot of Lili of Polish Hill's window: it too has a Coffeeneuring poster!

I'm sure this will bring Pittsburgh's numbers of Coffeeneuring participants up.

Emma and Q organized what was intended as a Coffee-Shop-Without-Walls trip, but the weather did not cooperate. Thick Bikes was kind enough to host and 7 of us met to have coffee and home-made donuts courtesy Emma and Q. We drank, ate, socialized and rode bikes in the rain.
What's not to love?
Wrong leg, Red.

A bike bell! Ding! Ding! Time for coffee!

 Afterwards, Marko, Buffalo² and I rode around a bit, bumped into Vannevar and checked out the awful detour along the South Side trail. Gravel and large rocks to ride though? No reflective warnings of a fence? Yeah, that's not dangerous.

We're getting used to cold weather and re-learning to dress in the appropriate number of layers. We stopped often to shed layers, put more on or to unzip and cool down.
Cold weather also makes me want to make lots of warming comfort foods: after our ride we indulged in spicy chili, cornbread and pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream. Nom.

I've been seeing more Clohn Art around the city:

A droopy Clohn Art piece on the South Side trail
Found in the Strip District.

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  1. love the photos! i wish we could coffeeneur in a group but all the riders around here won't commit to 7 weekends. one or two, but they are too hard core.


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