Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Over the hill(s)

Started the day with some Juneberry picking at the convention center and a ride through the Point where Regatta preparations are being made with the Sandsculpture:

Picked up lunch at Sree's and saw the Party Pedaler roll by:
Front view
Rear view
Later, after work, I opted for the Phat Tuesday Thick Bikes ride. Again, I was the oldest and most out-of-shape attendee.

Here's a few shots of the few times that the group was behind me, the majority of the time they were ahead which caused me to haul ass a bit faster than I normally would on my own. The kids gave me a workout again. I was curious enough about Adam's Laser Cats jersey that I googled it and found that it's a SNL skit. That's a show I rarely stay up to watch anymore because, well... I'm old. I should watch a bit of Laser Cats on YouTube, I would probably enjoy it.

Half the group took the roads through the Waterfront
Being old, I have a curfew and had to turn around and ditch the group after the Waterfront.
I picked some raspberries on the way back.

Hmm, riding with a younger, fitter crowd earned me a nice Personal Best!


  1. Nice Personal Best! Now I'll have to go searching for the Laser Cats as well. :) Looks like it was an awesome ride. Well done.

  2. Thanks, they kept me going. At one point where we slowed down to wait to the other half of the group that split off, they asked me how I was doing. (out of breath) "Happy to be going slower! Phew!"


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