Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Pampered Cyclist and mitzvahs

I hadn't ridden yesterday and needed to get out, badly. I started at base and headed out to Lawrenceville via the Millvale/Heritage trail. I found a pile of decorative hunks of cement under the 40th St bridge. I wondered where they came from.

I had wanted to stop at the Bead Bazaar, but they weren't open just yet. I stood in a laboriously long line at LaGourmandine. I finally got my croissant. I also got a almond croissant with the intentions of bringing it home to Hubby. But, after having a taste of it, there was little chance this bit of deliciousness was going to last long in my possession.

Rode through the Allegheny Cemetery

Many Memorial Day flags still present.

A welcome sign at the top of the hill on a warm day.

I rode out to the Waterfront after stopping at REI to check out the clearance stuff and re-fill my water bottles.

best. red. ever.
 I realized I hadn't received a professional pedicure in probably 2 years and I was in dire need of it. They apply some sort of callous melter and wrap your feet in hot towels while the chemicals eat away at your dead skin and then they take a thing that looks suspiciously like a cheese grater and file away copious amounts of excess flesh. For someone with bad knees and flexibility issues, paying someone to attend to your feet is a glorious thing. Having a man massage your calves and feet if freaking awesome too. Why on Earth have I not treated myself to this in recent years?
My only disappointment was that they didn't have my favorite, signature OPI color: "I'm Not Really A Waitress".  

I noticed there are far fewer Eagle Watchers. Has everyone had their fill? Bored with the birds? Too hot today?

Stopped at Big Dog to try iced coffee
I discovered I don't care for iced coffee. Perhaps, like hot coffee, it's an acquired taste. I may try it again with more cream and sugar.

Mitzvah #1
On the way back, a family was riding towards me and the older boy, probably 6 years old took a nasty spill. Kids that age are still learning that if you yank the handlebars too much in one direction, you're gonna have a bad time.
I offered my supply of band aids to his parents, wished them luck with the wailing child and scurried away quickly from the screeches of "I'm bleeding!! I'm bleeding!!"
Note to self: restock the bike bag with band-aids.
Mitzvah #2
I also zipped past Yale and waved to him as he was pumping up a tire for some kids.

I noticed a tandem coming towards me on the North Shore, they always catch my eye. Oh, the front rider has an Escape to the Lake jersey! What? He's waving to me? Hey, it's Chris and Elizabeth!
I wonder if they'll be riding the tandem next weekend.

27.3 miles, much self-pampering, kicked down to the top 40 in the NBC and a nice sunburn on my back... because I can't reach back there with the sunscreen!

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