Friday, September 19, 2014

Park(ing) Day and Flock

Su, Marko and I met for a day filled of riding around to most of the Park(ing) Day spots located all around the City. We started at the Mayor's Spot, which was beach-themed.

Lifeguard duties.

The Mayor himself made an appearance, but only briefly as he went to his car.
He returned our wave.

Off we went to visit the Spots, there were a few interesting ones along Liberty Ave

Then off to Lawrenceville for the mini-golf overload.

 Here's some shots Su took:

We escorted Su back to her car and then we were off to the South Side.
The Pièce de résistance was Thick Bikes' Spot; Chrissy went all out with sod, trees, plants, audio of birds chirping. It was chock full of awesome. Bravo.

Chrissy explained that the gnome was mooning the car.

Marko and I were starving so he suggested tacos on Atwood. Delicious, but I forget that Mexican food frequently uses Sazón, which has MSG. Not awesome. I got a minor case of the dizzies.

Flock was essentially a tour of many of the new bike lanes, minus the Saline Street lane, which we'd used to get up to Oakland. I hadn't used the Schenley Lane yet, so this was a bonus for me!

Some shots taken by my fellow Flockers:

Ian, me and Marko. Ian really *is* that tall.

We stopped at a grocery store to get some snacks to enjoy at the end of the ride at Point State park. Mikhail, having no panniers or bags on his bike asked me to carry a few items, and of course, I said yes! I'm a pack mule! I loaded Mikhail's purchases into my panniers and basket and we were off, but I guess I didn't secure his paper plates well enough... going through Lawrenceville, they leapt out of the basket and rolled through the street. The Fly6 camera captured it.

Interesting thing is, I had to lay the bike down to go retrieve the errant plates and this triggered the Incident Protection Function. This works when the Fly6 is tilted over more than 45 degrees for more than 3 seconds.

I started out the day talking with Su about leg cramps and dammit, I got a vicious bout of them in my thigh at the end of my night. I had to stop in the Penn Ave bike lane and stretch it out. My fellow Flockers asked if I needed help, but I told them I was just working out a leg cramp. Mick was kind enough to circle back and ride with me as the whole group was a few lights ahead by the time I'd gotten over the cramps.

The ride ended at the Fountain and I had to get going, it was a long day that started at 11:30 and took me 40 miles all over the city. So much fun with friends on a day off from work that I dedicated strictly to biking.

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