Saturday, March 21, 2015

5th Annual Viking Biking

Today was the 5th year that Lucia's hosted Viking Biking. I enjoy anything where I can get in costume, so I was happy I was well enough to attend. A main artery tunnel was closed, so I decided to take public transit into work and then meet Su at my building after I got costumed up in my Viking armor, braids, horns and crown.
I always find it interesting to ride public transit, the conversations one overhears and observations I make of others is fascinating.

After seeing myself in this getup, I was reminded of one of my favorite movies...

I brought some items to donate to the food bank as did many of us.

Several other riders come costumed or decorate our bikes in Viking themes.

There was much mud along the Convention Center's trail along the Allegheny where floodwaters had just receded.

That mud probably has a high fecal coliform count. Ewww.

Ray managed to get his shoe clip stuck in his pedal. We helped by laughing at him mercilessly.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting out in the sun and finally seeing/talking with friends I'd not laid eyes on for months. Yaaaa Spring!

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