Thursday, March 12, 2015

Errandonnee four five and six


Mailing back my Netflix DVD

For the 'personal care' category, I decided to get a shoe shine. I've had this pair of Doc Marten's Since I was in my early 20's. That's a long time. They've been through mosh pits and various other abuses over the years. I love these shoes, they're Quality with a capital Q.  I polish them myself with dubbin regularly, but they needed some extra love today. A professional shine.
I learned that women don't often come in for shines, as I was ignored by the shiners initially. I had to make it clear I was there for a shine and not one of the other services they provide at the repair shop.
A shoe shine!

Old school, baybeee!

My morning ride was glorious.

You couldn't see Downtown through all the fog.
A flooded RiverWalk

A foggy sunrise
Mount Washington, shrouded in fog
With the good camera, I got some nice shots of the red-headed ducks on the North Shore, they weren't the Canvasback ducks that the birder with binoculars had misinformed me of a few days ago.

This guy bugs me, I see him on a regular basis on my lunch hour riding his bike as well. I've tried being friendly to him initially, but he never returned my nods or smiles.
Over time, I noticed he would pass me and pedestrians without "on your left"-ing or ringing a bell. He nearly clobbered a family walking behind the Science Center one day. Jerk.
Today, because the RiverWalk was flooded, he SALMONED down North Shore Drive right at me and the vehicle behind me. Ass.
I shook my head at him because I've had enough of his dangerous riding.

Wrong side, twit.
On our commute home in the car, driving on the Fort Pitt bridge, I saw Marko and Yale on the pedestrian walkway and was able to give a shout and wave to them from the passenger side of our car.

 It was good to see faces I've not seen in months.

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