Saturday, March 14, 2015

Errandonnee 2015: it's a wrap

Friday the 13th I rode over to the Library to pick up some music CDs

One of these things is not like the others.

On my way there, this guy was heading right for me, on the wrong side of the road while playing with his phone. Bad luck for me if I were to be crushed by a driver not paying attention on Friday the 13th!

Saturday, it was raining but I wanted/needed to get some vital errands accomplished, Errandonnee or not!

I checked out the Saint Patrick's Day parade because: MEN IN KILTS.
17 pounds of dead laptops dropped off at Goodwill computer recycling
I'd apparently bent the valve on my recently installed tube *again*. I hate presta valves. I was headed to Thick to see if they could show me what I was doing wrong and sell me a converter for my floor pump. Chris immediately suggested drilling larger holes in the wheels to accommodate schrader tubes and be done with the fragile prestas. Brilliant.

While I waited for Ethan to drill my new schrader holes, I got a coffee. The South Side was starting to fill with exuberant drunks dressed in green. Delanie's Coffee was the temporary headquarters for the police assigned to head-thump the inevitable throngs of idiots. This police bike was parked there and many more police and troopers showed up as I enjoyed my black and gold latte (chocolate and caramel). They'd commandeered the loft.

Getting back on the bike with full tires was a treat, I'd been riding around on soggy tires for a week or more and it felt sooooo good to have nice firm tires.

My final errand was to add a few more dollars to my Port Authority ConnectCard.

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