Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Errandonnee one two and three

I seem to be having issues with the new tube I put in the front tire, I rode to two different repair stations to use the pumps. At first, I thought the pump downtown was defective so I rode to the one at the Bastille which I've used many times without incident... still couldn't get air into this tube. I can get a respectable amount in with my handpump, but not the Dero pumps. I still don't get Presta valves... not yet.

Errand #1 was the repair stands

I should mention this was the first time I'd been out on the bike in over 3 weeks. It felt really good. I again crossed paths with PaulB working the lunch hour rush and we waved was we passed.

Errand #2 was for goodies in the Strip District:
You have to get there early for the pepperoni rolls and raisin bread.
I hadn't run to the Strip for groceries in months and I was really jonesing for a pepperoni roll.
Some feta cheese too.

Back on the road
 Errand #3 was some impromptu birdwatching.
I was heading the PNC Park to see how the field is coming along, but the gates were closed. Instead, rare birds caught my eye!
 I happened upon a raft of gorgeous red-headed ducks and tried getting some shots, but the phone takes lousy pictures.
I wasn't sure of the species but I saw a woman behind me with binoculars. This was a dead giveaway that she was here to see the migratory waterfowl. I asked her what kind of ducks they were and she was delighted to tell me they were Canvasbacks. Then she pointed out other rare species: a Long-tailed Duck as well as a Red-throated Loon. She has said that there was an alert posted on a local birding site that announced the arrival of the visiting birds and she raced down here.
Wow, 3 new species to add to my LifeList in one day!

There was also a Mute Swan: not so rare, but still stunning.

I really need to keep the binoculars in my pannier from now on.

There's still some ice cluttering the RiverWalk, but Winter is on it's way out. Good riddance.

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