Monday, March 23, 2015

Box Blocked

I'm experiencing continued frustrations with bike parking at my employer's building. While I appreciate indoor parking for my bike(s), I find there are those who continue to use the loading dock where the racks are located as a smoking area and a staging area for cardboard box recycling/bundling. This is not cool.

Seriously, people... stop smoking indoors. Stop piling boxes up against and on top of my bike(s).

I went on a lunch hour errand today... I had to move boxes to get to Fizz. When I returned, I had to wait for the copier company employees to clear a spot... while I was gone, they'd managed to fill the spot where I park with a 10 foot high mound of boxes.
The copier employees told me "We didn't think anyone used these bikes."

Why, yes... I DO have reserved parking under that pile of boxes.

I got back to my desk and realized I'd left the library items I had picked up back in my pannier and returned to find Fizz box-blocked AGAIN in the 4 minutes I was gone. Ugh.

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