Monday, October 28, 2013

I like the word 'purveyor'

Nicholas Coffee Co 
Cofeeneuring trip #3
4.1 miles

I love this building, when you walk into this Purveyor's establishment, you feel like you're walking into 1919 when they started operations. The coffee is excellent and the staff is cheerful and knowledgeable. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

I discover how difficult hills are.

I ventured out to new locations! I rode from the North Side to Friendship for a doctor's appointment.

Made it to Friendship and back in one piece... used 
the new bike lanes for the 
first time and the Liberty Ave hill told me 
just how out of shape I am. — at Bloomfield

My doctor is very interested in how much exercise his clients are getting. He saw my helmet and questioned me about cycling and found it remarkable that I rode there. He then proceeded to tell me about a cyclist in Sewickley that he encounters on a regular basis who never yields to stop signs.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coffee in the rain

10/16/13 Heinz Loft Cafe 
Coffeeneuring trip #2
4.6 miles

A hard rain didn't deter me from visiting the café I'd been seeing signs for along the trail. It was desolate. Coffee was good (by my standards, that means weak), cheap and self serve from a pump/thermos thingy.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How dare you disparage the Pixies!

10/15/13 Official Coffeeneuring trip #1
6.6 miles
21st Street Coffee and Tea

This café was empty save one lone fellow working on his tablet. The large area of tables made him look all the more lonesome. The two young female baristas were surly and took forever to get me a $4 mug refill (yes, you heard me right... a $4 MUG REFILL). I had to ask for cream and sugar. Listened to the radio while I waited, they were playing the Pixies "Monkey Gone to Heaven" and I was enjoying it tremendously and was humming along at the part "Devil is six! God is seven!" when one of the baristas changed the station to which the other replied "Thanks, that was horrible." Kids these days!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Dear Coffee...

10/4/13 First trip #coffeeneuring 
1.8 Miles (Non-qualifying!)
Chateau Cafe and Cakery

Small coffee to go and a sesame bagel with cream cheese, I was there mainly to check out the lunch menu and discovered they serve pickle and cheese sandwiches! My favorite!
As it turns out, this trip doesn't qualify as it was under 2 miles. Shucks. More coffee for me!