Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bend it like Red

I keep getting bike-blocked.

Here's my list of excuses for not riding in the past few weeks:

  • knee/arthritis flareups
  • extreme cold
  • snow
  • tunnel closures

Today, while the temperature was hovering in the mid-20's I decided to try and run an errand to the Strip before work. I got all layered up and when I got on the bike, the front tire was rather low on air. Long story short: I bent the valve. Why? Because I'm still a moronic noob with these presta valves.

I spent my lunch hour changing my ruined tube, this was a first-time experience for me to change tires on Fizz with really tight beads and disc brakes. I wrestled a great deal and ripped some skin off my hand but eventually got the change completed.

So, with my inability to ride, I've been making progress on a wool blanket. The colors remind me of a sock monkey.

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