Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Back in the saddle

I ran an errand on the bike today, I rode to my orthopaedist's office to have my stitches removed.
Parking was an exercise in creativity. Racks are located out on the street, in the elements and in sight of potential thieves. The nice, dry garage had this fence I locked to.

The stitches came out easily. The young man who took them out noticed my helmet and we started talking bike: he commutes by bike from Bellevue on a 1953 Schwinn. Sweet.

Doc came in and showed my the photos he took during the operation.

One of the chunks of loose meniscus
Another chunk

The chunks, extracted and laid out next to a ruler

I'm told the bottom photo is my ACL, which he said looks good.
 He mentioned how bad my kneecap was, apparently this shows the back of the kneecap, completely devoid of protective cartilage.

On the way back I noticed this poor "Yield to Pedestrians" sign had been run over so many times that it now lay in pieces along North Shore Drive.

This is how the sign is supposed to look.

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  1. The pics inside your knee are cool. OK maybe not the loose chunks, but, technically speaking, cool.


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