Sunday, July 2, 2017

Open Streets 2017

Open Streets is in it's 3rd year. There have been 3 different routes: the Strip/Lawrenceville route; the North Side/West End route and the South Side/Uptown route.
The South Side route seems to be the most popular, getting 25K attendees, while the other two routes 'only' gets 20K or so. That's a LOT OF PEOPLE either way.
The route is PACKED with people (lots of dogs and a snake or two as well), biking, walking, rollerblading, running, dancing...
We've decided that we like the South Side route best.

Here's video of Gus enjoying the view from his trailer during the last Open Streets:

 And now for some photos of rides I/we took in recent months:

My chain had dropped a few times before we changed the chain
 At the Keg Ride:

At the South Side Open Streets

The MS 150

The bike rack doubles for transporting home furniture we found on the South Side.

The Smtihfield Bride Switchback construction is coming along
 Open Streets West End:


 This crazy huge boat docked in Pittsburgh. I read that rooms start at $7,000