Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Eagles' memorial and mastering bungees

Having received my REI dividend and 20% off coupon recently, I was compelled to go shopping. I 'needed' a new pair of cycling sandals. While I like my current pair that show off the work of a skilled pedicurist, they leave my toes open to injury and I've jacked up my toes on more than one occasion while wearing the open-toed Tevas last season. I found a pair of Keen sandals that offered more toe protection and got them almost free! To top it off, they were giving away tee shirts.

New shoes! New shoes!

After leaving REI, a cyclist and his ladyfriend approached from behind... "Hello, Colleen!" I turned around and returned the hearty greeting and was mortified: I had no idea who this was! He knows me BY NAME, had I met him on a group ride? He had a beard now... had I met him before he grew the beard? I pondered this for several miles. I am notoriously bad at remembering faces and names, I hate having this disability. 

Then I headed down to the Waterfront, I hadn't been out that way since December.
The Hays eagles have lost both of their eggs, so there will be no brood of eaglets for birdwatchers to oggle this year. A makeshift memorial was placed at the viewing area with offerings of both live and plastic roses as well as a branch.
I'm not sure if I found it touching or odd. Both, I suppose.
Oddly touching?
I don't think the eagles will care, they only care about killing, eating, protecting their territory and reproducing. A fitting symbol for America, yes?

At the Waterfront, I hit Bed Bath and Beyond... now I had several things to bungee to the rack: the shoes and now a set of sheets. The long green bungee I got at Ollie's Outlet not too long ago proved to be essential today. I'll need to be a master bungee user if I plan on commuting and shopping solely by bike.

I stopped at Big Dog for a dose of caffeine. While I was standing in line, I noticed EVERY seat was taken, even in the back patio. Wow, I'd have to get my coffee to go. Then I realized I hadn't locked my bike! Idiot! Fizz was still there, thankfully. I got back in line after locking her. I sat outside with my coffee in the sunshine. Twas glorious.

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