Wednesday, March 2, 2016

On baldness and bravery

I'm bald and I have been for a while, 2 months. I became accustomed to it quickly. I sometimes forget how startling my bald appearance is and I'll find I've frightened children and get stares from strangers on the rare occasions that I've gone head-naked in public.
We've had a small number of warm sunny days recently and It felt good to have the sun shining on my scalp.

I wonder how I'll treat hot weather. Will I be reluctant to cover my head and get overheated? Will I have a "Deal with it, people." attitude towards going bald in public? I think I might.

 "You're so brave." 
People keep referring to me as having a great deal of bravery while dealing with my cancer. I respectfully disagree. I'm just doing what my doctors are telling me is the best course of treatments and hoping for the best. The other option is not take their advice and let the cancer run rampant, essentially checking out. I'm not interested in death and certainly not a slow, lingering one.
I see bravery in the person who brings someone with a new cancer diagnosis into their life: knowing that she's going to lose her hair, breasts, potentially barf and poop all over herself, have wicked menopausal mood swings, drag you to a myriad of medical appointments and have a 27% chance of kicking the bucket in the next 5 years. Taking on all that, unnecessarily? That's brave.

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  1. This is one cool picture! And it is great when it is hot - I can tell you for sure.

    BTW my wife shave her head (or I shaved her, to be precize) completely because she decided that it would improve quality of her hair.


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