Sunday, February 28, 2016

The good things

On one of my commutes this week, I had a school bus drift into my lane and a not-so-nice interaction with the driver who yelled at me through her open doors.

I decided to contact the company and forward the video. The outcome: the email correspondence was respectful and promised to re-educate all their drivers about the safe passing laws. Wow.


Again, my Fly6 fell off the back of the bike. But this time, I didn't realize it. Marko noticed it was missing on the Hot Metal Bridge a third of a mile away. We raced back to re-trace our route back to the Carson St pizza shop where I was absolutely certain I had put the camera in the mount. I was fearing it had dropped off in the street and crushed by a car.
We retrieved it 18 minutes later and we even rode right past it. Here's the video it captured while it laid on the ground in those 18 minutes. Two people noticed it but didn't pick it up. Remarkable.

It turns out the mount was cracked slightly. Time for a new mount. Thankfully, the kit provided a second.


We'd decided to ride over to McKees Rocks and took the bridge there. It's notorious for traffic that moves much faster than the speed limit. We had no issues. Everyone passed us without incident.

I'm happy for the good things, even if they develop from bad things.

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