Sunday, April 10, 2016

Alley Cat!

I became interested in a scavenger hunt/race by bike, also called an Alley Cat. I knew we wouldn't win or even place on the podium, but it was something FUN to do on a bike. Anna Lena, the organizer gave us 20 riddles to solve for locations around Pittsburgh. We were able to ride to 12 of them, take a picture of our bikes there and text them back to her. There was also a bingo card to try and fill out finding things around the city like: "Mullet" "Car parked in a bike lane" "Pedestrian wearing a PGH sports jersey."
28 miles and much fun. I enjoyed running into others along the route.

Anna Lena splains the rules.
"A twin meeting of Pittsburgh's most famed in art and innovation, getting their hair done on brick at this Downtown location."
Answer: The Two Andys mural!

The Greenfield Bridge rubble

The Children's Museum

CMU's walkway

The USS Requin

A sculpture at CMU

The Beehive coffeehouse


Penn Brewery

 "In tourist attractions, we've many vehicular, though none so established as our favorite funicular"

Answer: one of our inclines!

Afterwards, we had a burger, fries and CAKE!
Spoke card!

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