Monday, April 25, 2016

Seed Bomb ride and The Keg ride

Sorry, it's been a while since I've blogged: I've been busy!

Flock co-hosted a seed bomb ride with a local apiary and it was well-attended. I suffered a bit of 'Bomb-regret' with my bomb placement. In hindsight, I could have found a more suitable place to throw my bomb.

Stopping to learn about trees and chuck bombs.


We'd heard that a driver of an SUV found their way onto one of the trails and not only damaged part of the Hot Metal Bridge ramp, but HIT a cyclist.

Later in April there was the Keg ride where 500 cyclists escort several kegs of East End Brewing Brewery's beer, hauled on trailers and two guys on a tandem. It is this event's 12th year. Marko and I, as well as many other CIKs (Cyclists I Know) assisted in marshaling: corking intersections with the assistance of 2 motorcycle cops and a patrol car in the sweep position. It was very nice to social with my people, the CIKs.

Marshals meet for logistics and learn the secret route.

The marshals wore the Vests of Fredness.

I got a tee shirt and Commonweath Press screen-printed it right there for me!

Marshals group photo with Seth bombing us.
I got a chance to register Doomer into the I Heart My Bike program
Afterwards, we hung out at the Brewery's new location and drank beer and: more socializing!

Then, Sarah and Noah opened up her home for grilled tube meats, libations and s'mores. Good times.


 Other various things we did on bikes:

Ride to Mineo's for a pie
I attached all my Coffeeneauring and Errandonnee patches to a pannier
We picnicked in parks

Marko offered to help with my employer's Walk fundraiser: we were unable to afford a professional photographer this year and in lieu, I gave Marko my camera and he did a bang-up job of capturing images of our happy walkers.
He climbed up onto a truck to get a nice eagle-eye view of the crowds.

I enjoy seeing how many groceries I can cram onto my bike:

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