Saturday, May 14, 2016

Forageneuring season begins

Yale offered to take us out to Indiana county for a morchella and allium tricoccum hunting trip. Ramps and Morels!

We collected a small sample of cup fungus and a fern too, but they weren't edible

We rode the Ghost Town trail. We saw the Eliza Furnace, beaver dams and found a small number of morels, both the yellow and black varieties. Yale has an excellent eye for them. I relaxed while they dug up bagloads of ramps. I helped to transport them back to the car. I peed in the woods. It was a good and productive day.
Marko sauteed the morels in butter, they were very tasty. Ramps are delicious as well, we've had them in omelettes and on pizza so far and the freezer is full of them.

The Eliza Furnace

Beaver dam

A gorgeous day on a new-to-me trail!

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