Saturday, May 7, 2016

Chemo- 1 ; Red -152

I'm 24 weeks into chemo treatments, I have 3 more to go.  
Just 3 more weeks. 

Chemo kept me at home today, not feeling well enough to venture out on the bike for the Cinco DeMayo ride. I was looking forward to tacos and friends and bikes.
The side effects are wearing on me. I'm tired, have frequent bouts with hot flashes, sleeplessness, gastric issues, nausea, nose bleeds, dry mouth, hairloss, and now my fingers and toes are going numb. I've been dealing with those annoying problems fairly well, but by now, I'm counting down the days to the bell ringing.
I'd learned that on someone's last day of chemo, the infusion center has a bell that they ring afterwards to celebrate.
Here's an article about the woman who donated the bell to the center.

On the days that chemo hasn't whooped my ass:

I ran into the Bike Bird, finally.

I learned my Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires will succumb to carpet tacks.

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