Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hot, Pink, Thick

Last night, one of my bottle cages broke. It was rattling something fierce and letting the bottle list to one side and bump against my leg with each pedal stroke. Not enjoyable. This made for an opportunity to ride over to Thick to replace it. I hadn't seen the new sales area yet and wanted to ride over and check it out. Wow. So awesome.
When bottle cages go bad.
 While I was looking at a replacement cage, I saw a pink one and then some gears started turning in my head: "I should change the bottle cages to pink and... wait... my bar tape is fading... I should change that to match."

While I waited for Ethan to wrap Fizz in some new tape, I wandered over to the new Doce Taqueria at Elizabeth's recommendation. Munch also recommended it.

 It was so very good. Fresh cilantro and lime made it. There was also a wide array of hot sauces to choose from. I need to try the new TAKO Downtown soon as well. The wave of new taco places in the Burgh is wonderful. I like upscale tacos.

And, here's the result of my hi-viz revelation:

It turns out the cage probably snapped because I needed spacers over the front derailleur clamp to keep the cage from bending when tightening the bolts. Ooops, my bad. Chris gave me some spacers and patiently showed me how to install them: "No, the washers should go between the cage and the head of the bolt."
Who knew?

Thick now boasts a water bottle filling fountain!
 Ken was interested in the Fly6 camera, asked about the cameras and waved goodbye to it as I left.
Bye, Ken! We'll be back soon!


Double-taped, for her pleasure.

Yep, I definitly like the pink.

So damned HOT. So much sweat.

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