Friday, July 3, 2015

Rude cyclists, bánh mì and I'm the Bike Rack Queen

I'd a few hours to kill before an evening baseball game and the day off: let the cycling begin!

I wanted to try the famous Strip District food cart: Lucy's bánh mì. She was featured on Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern (and a special appearance my Rick Seback).

On the way there I was almost swallowed up by this manhole.

I'm a human safety cone.

Then I headed towards the Strip only to encounter another obstacle: a group of 6 cyclists hogged the whole bike lane for 10 blocks and sloooowly too.
Any chance I could pass you?

Why u no let me pass??

Still hogging both lanes.
Even on Spring Way, they hogged the whole alley.

Finally made it to Lucy's and it was great. I should go there more often.

Rolled out to the Waterfront for some shopping:

Thanks for making these special pannier hangers for the shopping carts!

Decorating ideas.
The trip back down Waterfront Dr, I was met with a rude cyclist.... in his SUV. He simply HAD to race me to the red light and brake suddenly in front of me.

I was glad to see that the Giant Eagle installed a bike rack after I asked them last year. Sweet! It seems that if you ask them, they will appear! I'm 2 and 0 for getting bike racks installed! First: PNC Park and now, Giant Eagle! I still need to pester the Aviary. This is on my list of things to do.

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