Friday, October 28, 2016

Bike light giveaway, Underwear Ride and scavenger hunt

Bike Light Giveaway: Bike Pittsburgh has a program where they'll give away light sets to unlit cyclists. I'd volunteered us to help man this popup station on the North Side. We found 5 folks to give sets to on this chilly evening.

A former Ninja... riding off, now more visible!
 Our costumes for the final Underwear Ride of the year were Wonder Woman and Nap Man.
Naps are awesome.
Da na na na na NA... NAP MAN!

 Healthy Ride bike share held a scavenger hunt and hid 5 prizes (Aerotech cycling caps with a zombie theme) at their stations. They posted photo clues on social media and then the race was on to get to the station before someone else got the bag of goodies. We thought it good strategy to just hang out on the South Side and wait for a clue to be posted for one of the South Side stations. After the clue went up, we rode from 12th St up to the 25th St docking station and there it was!

While were posting the photo to Facebook, a woman drove up to the station and complained that this was her third Brucing of the game. She then angrily peeled out. Wow, so this woman DROVE from Lawrenceville, then to Downtown and then to the South Side to win a $20 cap? 

Neener, neener, lady!


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