Monday, October 24, 2016

Coffeeneuring #5 at a florist shop

Looking to cofffeeneur at shops we'd not yet logged a ride to in previous rides (our rule is: "No repeats!") I'd found a shop in Bloomfield called 4121 MAIN and plotted a not-yet-taken route there via the sleepy single-lane backroads of Polish Hill and over the Bloomfield Bridge sidewalk. It was exactly one mile there and one mile back. We didn't enjoy the myriad of beg buttons we had to press to get across the street on the other side of the bridge, but we avoided a considerable hill by taking this route.

When we arrived and started locking up, I said "This doesn't look like a coffee shop!" Turns out it's a florist/coffee shop/event planner working out of a former 1800's bakery. Interesting place. It smelled of eucalyptus and other various dried flowers in addition to the coffee. I got a cappuccino and Marko got a pour-over.  Bonus bike rack right in front of the window. It's good to have the ability to keep an eye on one's bike.

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