Sunday, October 16, 2016

Coffeeneuring at Thick and the 321Ride

Thick Bikes hosted a Coffeeneuring event and I think it was well-attended, we ran into Geoffrey, Ed and Karen on the way there and Bill when we arrived at Thick.
Pittsburgh's going even bigger this year with the number of attendees. I think we'll retain our crown as the Centre of the Coffeeneuring Universe (next to DC, of course)

While the coffee and baked goods were free, I felt the urge to shop. I picked up some socks and new brake pads.

Neither Marko or I have changed disc brakes before, so we watched some videos and tutorials in the Interwebs before diving in.
Marko thinks it's humorous to use the light attached to the helmet to better see what one's doing while working on the brakes.

The next day, we helped marshal the 321Ride Ric, one of the organizers made sure I got a special "SURVIVOR" bib.
I think I need to mount that camera somewhere else #crookedhelmet

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