Tuesday, February 3, 2015

First post-surgery ride

It was just a mile. Only a mile.
Let me rephrase that...an ENTIRE mile. Pretty damn good for having been in an operating room just 5 days ago.

Pre-surgery: "Here, let me show you how to use the cameraph..."

My surgeon wanted to be sure he operated on the correct limb.

Post-surgery ginger ale (I get barfy from the anesthesia)

24 hours after surgery, I was no longer using the crutches and back to work 5 days later. It went very well despite accidentally yanking out the vein port they'd inserted into the back of my hand and drizzling blood all over my recovery area.

The doctor's special purple surgical ink refuses to
wash off without a fight.

a gorgeous day with single digit wind chill temperatures.

Everything is falling back into place. Soon, the ice and snow will melt and I will be able go for longer rides.

However, I was rather annoyed to see the building employees had moved the bike storage racks AGAIN. Fizz's front light mount and her bell were bent or loose from some rough handling. Grrr.

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  1. Hope the healing goes well.

    And writing "wrong" on the limb in question is a heck of a lot better than "eenie", "meenie", "miney", or "moe". From a patient-confidence point of view, anyway. :-)


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