Saturday, June 6, 2015

A big mural, Geese Police, Juneberries and the opposite of OpenStreets

Rode down to the Point to see the preparations for the Arts Festival  and I encountered some interesting stuff:

Geese Police Patrol Dog on duty:

Improperly disposed fishing line

An art installation at the Point:

A new mural along the Allegheny has just started:

On Saturday, I wanted to get the obligitory "I Heart My Bike" photo with Fizz. I've had one taken with The Lilac Monster and Ruby but I've not yet had one taken with Fizz. Denied. They aren't doing the photos at the Art Festival this year, I was told to try at OpenStreets later this month. I'd even gussied Fizz up by selecting a certain pannier and cleaning her frame and wheels. *sigh*

Off I went to search out berries.

I was riding by a parking lot attendant at the Carnegie Science Center and as I approached, she called out to me: "Are these edible?" and pointed to the shrubbery at the entrance to the parking lot.

A: I suppose I look like someone who knows about edible plants and wild fruits? Cool.
B: OMG! Look at all these Juneberry shrubs!
I spent a good 20 minutes picking berries, loading them into a ziploc bag and making conversation with the attendant.

Juneberry shrubs line each side of the entrance, roughly 10 bushes total: all producing large volumes of fruit.

A mulberry bush I raided

My haul. I wound up eating as many as I picked.
Here's some Cheerios and mulberries with almond milk. So very good.

On the way back through town I was trying to get from the Blvd of the Allies over to the Clemente Bridge and avoid the traffic and sea of humans attending the Festival and a Taylor Swift concert. No such luck: I walked my bike all the way from Market Square to the 6th Street bike lane via walking the bike on the sidewalks. The streets were so jammed with cars that it was just faster and safer to walk.

Walking, walking, walking

Cyclist, repair thyself!

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