Thursday, June 4, 2015

How to make Angry Robot Panniers

I've got a thing for panniers, I need one for every occasion. Nearly all of them are waterproof and for good reason: I ride in the rain.

A few of my panniers weren't meeting my stringent criteria for reflectiveness and I wanted to add reflective tape to the sides. Sewing them on or using iron-on reflective tape wasn't feasible if I wanted undamaged panniers.
I was in the midst of hunting for an epoxy/glue/adhesive product for this purpose, but I decided to ask Marko what he used to add his reflective material to his red handmade pannier.

He told me he had used double-sided carpet tape

So, I scampered off to Home Depot and picked up a roll of the stuff. It is very sticky.

I gutted some reflective striping from an ill-fitting vest that I hated.

 The panniers I wanted to add the stripes to already had some reflective material on the back and front.

Here's the same pannier with reflective strips added to the side with the double-sided tape.

 I hadn't noticed that the round knob that closes the pannier was reflective until I took flash pictures of it.
*robot arms flailing* Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

The pair.

Angry Pannier says: "Don't hit us, ya jagoff!"
As an after thought, I wondered if arranging the reflective pieces in the shape of an angry face would help. As they are, they remind me of a robot's face. Perhaps Bender or a Cylon?

I did the same with my Banjo Brothers pannier.

My eyes!

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  1. GAHHH!! I love it. I'm going to share with the Seattle Family FB page.


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