Monday, June 29, 2015

Open Streets

Having missed out on the two previous OpenStreets, I decided to take advantage of yesterday's event even though the skies were drizzling off and on all day.
Several miles of Penn and Butler streets were shut down to motor vehicles making them open to pedestrians and cyclists (IE: "people").
The haters ranted about how previous OpenStreets had hurt some Strip District merchant while others found it to be a boon.
In order to give a boost to the Strip merchants, I made an effort to do some shopping. I picked up some things for the kitchen at 'In The Kitchen' and bought some produce at Stan's.

The line at DeLuca's is no indication that businesses suffer during OpenStreets!

I brought an extra pannier to haul my purchases.

I headed back to base to unload my goods, ditch the second pannier and get some more riding in. I had this encounter on my way back. The number of close calls is wearing on me.

I'm already a regular patron of PennMac for the BreadWorks pepperoni rolls.
 They're worth a 6 mile trip.
I found a paper/guerrilla mural of Houdini in Lawrenceville

I looked everywhere for BikePGH!'s 'I Heart My Bike' booth, but it was nowhere to be found. Denied AGAIN. I wonder if they didn't run it because of the rain...

I saw the Beeches manning a "Try a Uni" tent and considered trying my hand at riding one, then I remembered I can barely stay upright on a two-wheeled bike and I rode past. I think that was a good decision.

I ran into Joanne riding a scooter of all things. Her kids were on bikes!

Back to Downtown for a chicken quesadilla at the food truck at 6th and Penn. This rivals Taco Truck. So good, so much chicken!
The rear rack also doubles as a dining table

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