Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What are 'Things That Fell Off Red's Bike This Week'?

Two close calls with expensive bike gear recently!
Returning from a ballgame and with a car close behind me, my Light and Motion headlamp fell off and nearly into the spokes. Ugh, my fault: I didn't secure it properly. I stop traffic behind me before it gets crushed and retrieve it and secure it onto my bar extender again. A few feet later, the whole bar extender falls off. ARRRGH.
The bar extender is trash now, the light survived in tact.

A few days later, this happens:

Wow, these things are durable: I was going 20 MPH when the camera popped out of the mount... maybe I didn't slide it into the mount all the way? I did hit a manhole pretty hard, but still.... I'm paranoid now that the Fly6 will fall off again.

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