Saturday, October 4, 2014

All hail Coffeeneuring!

I looked at the weather forecast for this weekend and had to make a decision. Do I try and snag a Coffeeneuring trip in on the first day of the Challenge, or do I wait until Sunday when there will be no chance of rain?
Uh, silly question. I am a spaz in the first degree, I'll be braving a chilly rain to get a trip in on the first day, of course.

On my way to the office, I noticed that LaGourmandine (a potential future Coffeeneuring stop) has finally opened its second location in Mount Lebanon. The line to get inside was ridiculous.

I'd been off the bike for 2 whole days and needed a ride. I geared up Ruby (Fizz is still in the shop) and left dressed warmly and with rain gear in tow. It was about 45 degrees and rain was a threat.

Some interesting things I saw along the way:
Scull racing.

Feh. From my cold dead hands!

I decided to hit a new shop. I'd passed by this quirky looking place and never had the time to stop. Now, it was my destination. Lili is at the corner of Dobson and Hancock on Polish Hill.

There's a kids' book nook!

I definitely plan on returning, they have a bánh mì on the menu that looks fantastic. I'm wondering if they're made by Lucy's banh mi cart in the Strip. Lucy is famous for her banh mi sandwiches and was featured on Andrew Zimmern's show.  More research is in order. I love tofu and all things pickled as well... why haven't I had a banh mi sandwich yet?

I decided that since the weather was cooperating so far, that I'd try and get a non-qualifying Erranndonnee trip in too. Off to CVS to pick up my B-12 prescription.

It rained suddenly, heavily and briefly while I was inside. Figuring that this was going to be one of those 'can't make up it's mind' days when it came to rain, I decided to head back. 11 miles was good enough. I managed to not get a single drop on rain (or hail) on me.

The route back through the Strip and Downtown was dicey: the strip is chock full of "I'm driving 3 miles an hour looking for a free parking spot" drivers, pedestrians darting out in front of them and delivery trucks double parked and blocking the travel lanes: a madhouse.

Downtown was hosting a parade, so traffic was backed up for blocks on Penn.

It hailed on the way back home. I'm very glad I wasn't on the bike enduring being pelted by ice! Ouch!

Protected, inside the car.

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