Thursday, October 2, 2014

I made the evening news!

Last month, Chris at Thick Bikes called me and told me that a reporter from WTAE was looking to interview cyclists who use cameras on their bikes. I called the reporter and we setup a video shoot the next day.

I employed my dutiful spouse to take photos during the interview. He did a great job:

The intereview was nerve-wracking, but very interesting. I was worried I'd look nervous and dopey, but, thankfully they didn't use those parts. I was pleasantly surprised that I gave off the impression that I was calm and well-spoken. Whew.

The investigation piece the reporter, Bofta Yimam did was finally ready today and here it is:

I appear in the second portion of the investigation. If you aren't interested in watching the whole thing, you can watch the small part I show up in here:

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