Friday, October 10, 2014

Coffeeneuring with the stars

Before last night, I hadn't had a plan for the remainder of my coffeeneuring trips. Being the spaz that I am, I spreadsheeted out my plans and when I'd intend on hitting those shops.

Today's shop is Constellation Coffee in Lawrenceville.

New saddle!
 I got the Trucker back yesterday! I had a few things installed by Thick Bikes and a tuneup to get rid of my shifting problem, I was without her for over a week! *twitch*

I started early and was on my second day of breaking in a new Brooks saddle. I'd ridden 15 miles yesterday on the saddle's maiden voyage and spent much time getting off the bike, making a minor adjustment and riding in discomfort, repeating the process over and over again until I thought I had the perfect alignment of height and pitch. By then, my bits were so numb and angry from riding in a bad position, I couldn't tell if my saddle adjustment was good to go for a long ride.
This would be a leap of faith, but I brought along the old saddle just in case. I feared I'd made an expensive mistake after yesterday's ride.

6 miles to the coffee shop and my bits weren't all that angry. This was a good sign.
On the way there, I happened upon this weird yard display... I was drawn to it. Bowling balls and a saint with a mohawk and barbie-doll-head.

At the coffee shop, I got a latte
Some deer friends joined me.

I stopped at Whole Foods and checked out the hair products. I find that my hair loves African American products and I found this Oyin Boing! curl custard/goo stuff. It smells like candy or some sort of dessert. I hope my hair loves it as much as my nose does.

Another dinosaur statue...

Yes... yes they do.

Over to the South Side to pick up some proofide that I forgot to get for the new saddle and look at a cover. None in stock! Chrissy offered to MAKE one for me... yes... could a handmade yellow Brooks saddle cover be in the works? I can't get over how incredible Thick's employees are!

Before I made it over there, I encountered some jagoffs at the Chute. I've been listening to my fellow cyclists complain about the Chute, but this was my first taste of the danger here. I've got NO ONE yielding to me even though I've got the right of way with a right turn that I'm signalling for. Then white van passes me on the left around a sharp turn. Idiot.
Normally,  my angst is with the outbound trek and there are inbound cyclists IN the Chute.
I have to agree, the Chute sucks.

I finally got to try some fish-n-chips at this place.

Some artwork glued to a section of cement along the trail out to Sandcastle.

I have a theory that if I lug rain gear around with me, no rain will fall. If I forget my rain cape, it will pour on me.

33 miles, and no rain fell that was forecasted!

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