Monday, December 8, 2014

The Night Lights and nice motorists

Pittsburgh is gorgeous at night. That is all.

I'd wanted to get some shots of the bike in the parking lot with my car's headlights simulating street conditions to get a sense of how well my reflective stuff worked. It didn't work out as I'd planned. #cameraproblems
So, instead... I was able to document the differences in a headlamp with a cutoff and one without.

A very bright headlamp with a cutoff

It lights the way very well.
I also have a headlamp with no cutoff and it is blinding:
Pointing ahead

Angled down a bit

Now, pointed directly in front of the bike:
Like so...

I wonder if taking the advice of those polite Canadians "Less Blink, More Glow" would be prudent. Perhaps making the bike more visible vs stabbing everyone around me in the eye with a harsh headlamp is a better option. I love the 'pulse' options of my rear/red lights and have stopped using the flash mode.

So far, no close passes while wearing the antlers. I had one impatient 'fat guy in a pickup', but he didn't buzz me when he had a chance to pass. I'm beginning to wonder if cyclists in Santa hats and other festive-ness protects one from angry drivers. It does bring out many a smile in passers-by and drivers.
The Santa Effect?
The Antler Condom?

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  1. The antlers might be a nice stress-reliever for some tense and overworked motorists. Anything to bring a smile to someone's hectic, vehicle-constrained commute.


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