Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jingle Bells: blending in and getting squashed

Today was cold and gloomy, but good enough to ride.

I'd received a new pair of Swift panniers yesterday and this was my first ride with them. I'd needed a set of small panniers for the front and these are perfect.  I also love how easily I can mount and remove them from the rack. It's like they were made specifically for a Surly Nice rack. They also grip so firmly to the rack with the bungee hook that I don't worry that they'll fall off. They're made of an incredibly thick waxed canvas and I chose a hi-viz pink for the pockets. Love them.

Note the bells hanging from the mirror...more on those later.

The morning started out with yet another encounter with a 5K run. This time it was a Christmas-themed run called the Jingle Bell Run for arthritis.

Do I see a chicken amongst the reindeer and elves?

Having learned a lesson never to salmon in a 5K run, I went with the flow. The road was shut off to traffic, but I blended so well with my antlers... the runners were donning their 'gay apparel' and nearly everyone was dressed as elves, Santas, wearing red and green tutus or antlers.

I rolled through the city and trails out to the Waterfront (I'm getting really bored with this route) and back. I noticed the Steelers autograph seekers who camp at the training facility on the South Side suckered a player into signing some stuff. I'd mentioned to some people recently that I never see them actually snagging autographs but maybe the cold made the player sympathetic and decided to relent. I'm almost certain it was Rothlisberger who was in this truck that stopped.

I became disgusted when I rode past the Stadium later and saw that every banner has a rapist on all the lamposts. Yuck.

I was pedaling down East Carson and heading to Amazing Cafe for lunch when I lost one of the jingle bells that I had hanging from my mirror. It was promptly crushed by the Toyota behind me. It amuses me to no end to see it get crushed.

So, I'm less than 100 miles away from 4000 for the year.

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