Thursday, December 18, 2014

Watch for bicycles... and submarines and dinosaurs

It's a shame that this sign is required, I'm sure it was unavoidable after too many people not looking where they're going crashed into each other.

Bicycles, submarines and dinosaurs, oh my!

This is the Carnegie Science Center. they're re-doing the landscaping, I hadn't ever seen the "Watch for bicycles." sign with all the vegetation and the direction I'm normally going.
Pittsburghers are notorious for just stepping out into traffic without looking, I've seen many near misses between cars and people just blindly stepping out in front of moving traffic. My born-and-bred in Pittsburgh spouse has vicious scars all over his legs from a car vs teenage boy incident. I've seen the way this man crosses the street and I'm amazed he made it beyond age 14. You'd think he'd learn to look both ways before crossing the street after his legs were mangled under a car, right? Nope.
It must be something in the Pittsburgh water.
I'll try and look at this positively, it keeps me on my toes: you never know when someone will randomly step in front of your bike.

Our office is getting 'new' furniture today and the Bike coordinator found this bit of awesomeness behind his old desk. He came to me with it and said: "You're Red Rider, right?"  Close enough. I think it's a spinning-wind ornament. Nice.
Poor cyclist looks like they're in the fetal position.

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