Friday, December 12, 2014

"Sprinting" and not being last

I've found a Strava segment that I've been working on getting faster at: The Bridge Sprint
It's just a quick run from Downtown over the 7th Street bridge (AKA Andy Warhol Bridge).
I've managed to gain a PR of 48 seconds there. Not bad for an arthritic middle-aged chubby woman on a heavy bike with a messenger bag and less-than-aerodynamic panniers full of groceries. I'm pretty sure that's a division where I'll place high on the podium.
I like having short sprints to get the heart rate up. If I don't have these invisible races with no one, I'd just putter along at a slow amble and never burn as many calories as I should.

In the Women's leaderboard, I'm 25/82. Well, hey! I'm not in last place!

That's the extent of my competitiveness: being excited about not being in last place.

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  1. Strava Segments can be really motivating in that regard. Being in last place in some segments really helped me take my game up a notch. Now at the more popular nearby segments, I'm top 10 out of 200 (usually top 3 by weight or age, and number 1 by both).


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