Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cygolite Hotshot SL (2 Watt)

I've owned a few rear blinkies and done a fair amount of research on them: hands down, the Hotshot wins.


  • Price: in the $30 range.
  • Convenience: USB rechargeable. No stinking alkalines to leak or replace. It's a good idea to charge it frequently, but you can forget to charge it for several uses and it's not going to die on you.
  • Battery life: 2 hours on steady mode. 200 hours on  blinking mode. WOW. I've been using and recharging the light for almost two years and it's had no issues.
  • Versatility: you can clip it to your helmet, clip it to a pannier, mount it to your frame, you choose.
  • Brightness: 30 Lumens. Yes, this is a bright light. see my video below.
  • Flash modes: Steady, single blink, double blink, random blink and pulse. You can even adjust the speed of the blink and pulse modes easily.
  • Durability: I've used the light in rain, snow, and bitter cold. I've dropped it and whacked it against doorjambs. It's still working.

Since I've made this video, the Planet Bike and Blackburn Flea blinkies have died: the Planet Bike blinkie's alkaline batteries leaked and killed the light. The Blackburn Flea's battery, which was rechargeable with a special adapter died as well, I've been back and forth with Blackburn, getting several replacements, but I've determined that the battery is very delicate and susceptible to overcharging or undercharging. You have to charge it EVERY time you use it or you kill the (non-replaceable) battery permanently if you drain it.

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