Monday, April 20, 2015

Engaging the enemy

If there's a lesson I hadn't learned before Saturday, it was: Stop banging on the windows of a dangerous driver. He didn't give a crap about you or the pedestrians he didn't yield for before, he's not going to give any more of a crap about safe driving after you get into a shouting match with him through the passenger window.

Dangerous drivers do things like this to cyclists who try and educate unsafe drivers though the vehicle's windows:

Saturday's incident was ugly, really ugly.

I'm done. There's nothing I can do for or to these people. Calling the police doesn't accomplish anything.

I just need to let my anger go and enjoy my ride until one of them kills me.


  1. My sense of moral outrace and wanting people to do what's right gets me into trouble. I, too have been known to point out others' failings while operating a vehicle but now might have to rethink confronting them while at a vehicular disadvantage. Be safe.


  2. You are right. Best you can do is try to keep your own karma clean and hope theirs catches up with them before they really hurt someone. I've been in a few disputes and they never end satisfactorily. i don't mean physically. The worst I've been in so far was a stalemate where we were both on the ground when the shiny shoes of a State Trooper appeared before my squinched-up face. The officer was very matter-of-fact about the whole thing. He explained what charges each of us could bring against the other and then waited to see if anyone would go for it. We all decided to go our separate ways. It isn't really a teachable moment.


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